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Tune Files / Chords / Music / Tab / Words

Posted on June 21, 2014 with 1 Comment
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Click the Zip File to download all the Chords / Music / Tab / Words for the up-coming Slow Jam Workshop.
Click Here to download! Slow Jam August 17

Spending time learning to update site

Posted on May 31, 2013 (Comments Closed)
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Spending the morning learning how to up-date my site!

Teaching all day

Posted on May 9, 2013 (Comments Closed)
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Working on new post

Posted on May 8, 2013 (Comments Closed)
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Hi there

WebCam Lessons

Posted on March 26, 2013 (Comments Closed)
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Webcam Lessons In the 21st century, with an Internet connection, free easy-to-use video chat software, and a webcam, we have the technology to have a face-to-face fiddle lesson wherever you and your computer may be. What you’ll need is: • A computer connected to the Internet • Free video chat software • A webcam As […]

Fiddle Lessons with Phil Salazar

Posted on March 25, 2013 (Comments Closed)
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  Welcome to my New WordPress based site!  Thanks for considering taking Fiddle Lessons from me! –Phil Salazar