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Stephane Grappelli
“Who was that funny little man?
CNN News
“Phil Salazar… local fiddle legend.”
Billboard Magazine
Phil Salazar and Jonathan’s CD “A Tribute To Jerry Garcia.”
“It’s a sure bet he’d [Jerry] like his songs given a bluegrass treatment…”

John McEuen,
The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
If the Success of your Current CD matched your talent It will be a hot hit…Good Luck. I’ve always been proud to say “Yes, I have played with the great Phil Salazar.”
Roz and Howard Larman, Folkscene – KPFK Pacifica Radio LA
“Phil Salazar’s wizardry on the fiddle is evident whether he is playing bluegrass, swing or jazz. The genius of Phil’s fiddle playing sparkles with creativity and excitement.”
United Press International
“Garcia… would undoubtedly have enjoyed the take on some of Garcia’s favorites on this” on “A Tribute To Jerry Garcia” CD. ”
Marie Poll, Los Angeles folk concert promoter
“One of the most dazzling electrifying bluegrass bands… [The Phil Salazar Band] They play with roof-raising precision and wonderful good humor.”
Grateful Dead Productions
“Salazar and McEuen have created a wonderful CD with all the songs we associate with Jer. This is so good.”

David Gans, “The Grateful Dead Hour” national radio show
“Great,” “Eyes of the World” from “A Tribute To Jerry Garcia” sounded great on my show.
VCReporter, Local magazine about what’s happening around Ventura County (California).
Voted most popular music teacher

Ventura County (California) Star Free Press
The fiddling of Salazar warmed to a fever pitch, with Salazar fiddling in every possible configuration and making it all look, if not easy, at least great fun.”Bluegrass Unlimited
“Excellent Stuff.”
“Dazzling California Bluegrass.”
Dirty Linen, The magazine of the folk music world
“A highly gifted instrumentalist.”
Dirk Powell
After just meeting Dirk, The top band leader in Cajun music world, while sitting in with his band at the Simi Valley Cajun Festival, CA (at the request of his fiddler Kevin Wimmer), Dirk lean over to me and said “You’ve played this music before.” Simi, CA 2000
From Cyrus Clarke’s Bio
“Phil Salazar is a master fiddler who straddles the borders between traditional bluegrass and contemporary sound. He is a southern California veteran who has fielded his own band, produced several recordings, and created the blazing twin fiddle sound of the Acousticats.”
From Acadiana’s Bio
“Sure, he could play Mozart symphonies. Beethoven even. But you got to have more than the classics when you are Fiddlin’ Phil Salazar! Fiddle champion Phil Salazar is Acadiana’s playful spirit. He plays his fiddle forwards, backwards, and all around the room. Phil is a fiddle favorite and has been sought out from all over by many fiddle students for his unique style of teaching. Phil does lots of studio work, performs with lots of musicians over the years. He’s hot! And he adds that heat to Acadiana!”

About Cow Bop (A Western Swing band led by guitar bebop wizard Bruce Forman that Phil currently plays fiddle with):

Evan Marshall, Mandolin Master from the west coast
“Bravo! I have never attended a more inspiring performance…one of the most enjoyable bands ever. I’m a huge fan!”
Jimmy Wyble, guitarist w/ Bob Wills, Spade Cooley, and Benny Goodman
“Cow Bop conveys the essence of what we were doing…in a sophisticated and up to date way. Bob [Wills] woulda loved ’em!”
Fans from & Youtube

This review is from: The Phil Salazar Band (Audio CD)
“Nice pleasant easy to listen to bluegrass. My dad LOVES traditional bluegrass and I enjoy the “Progressive Bluegrass” but we both enjoy this Music. Sometimes I have it in my car and just listen to it over and over… ”
This review is from: The Phil Salazar Band (Audio CD) The Internet 2002
Masterful Tribute, August 4, 2000These review are from fans of ‘A Tribute To Jerry Garcia’ (Audio CD)
“This album is for fans of Grateful Dead music, and Jerry Garcia songs in particular. Splendid bluegrass/jazz arrangements by Phil Salazar and Jonathan McEuen will give those not familiar with the mandolin and the banjo a great first experience. If you like the Dead and are fans of David Grisman or Bela Fleck, this is a magical fusion of style and repertoire. Enjoy!” Chicago, IL – 2000
More for ‘A Tribute To Jerry Garcia’ (Audio CD)”Phil is awesome best fiddler in the world ya he’s great I love him Jonathan is a RADICAL guitar player too yup this is a great cd and buy it! It’s cool I recommend it highly!!!” – 2003
“Haven’t been grateful dead fans (tho that may change after listening to this CD), but the combination of a major bluegrass group and Garcia’s songs is incredible.” No date
You Tube review of video
“Phil Salazar is even better today than he was back in 1975 at the Red Baron (a night club) with ‘Handpicked’!! Great video ;)” You Tube 2007

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